Research conversation: What do we mean by UK poverty?

What do we mean by poverty? How can poverty exist in a developed society such as the United Kingdom? Is UK poverty as “real” as poverty in Africa? Kirsten Besemer and Peter Matthews discuss these questions and why they should concern planners, as part of a series of Research Conversations.

Dr Peter Matthews
Dr Peter Matthews

They discuss some of the different ways in which poverty is measured and the latest research on UK poverty, including a number of projects they themselves have been involved with. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below:

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Dr Kirsten Besemer

After listening to the interview, you may be interested in some of the research mentioned.

Peter regularly writes about issues relating to planning, poverty and inequality on his blog Urbanity…History, which includes a post by Kirsten on the findings relating to sexual orientation and poverty discussed in the interview.

Kirsten has previously written about prejudices about child poverty, as well as about the research she has conducted with Professor Glen Bramley on the impoverishment of the UK , and poverty in Scotland in particular.

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