In partnership with the Oak Foundation, I-SPHERE offers a series of internships for early career researchers.


Charlotte McPherson

Charlotte McPherson

Our current Oak intern is Charlotte McPherson. Charlotte joined I-SPHERE in January 2020 and for her internship project is Young people’s experiences of, and perspectives on, food poverty and food banks in Edinburgh and London.

Charlotte has a degree and masters in Social Policy and Research and will shortly submit her PHD at Stirling University on Working-class young people’s experiences of, and perspectives on, social justice during their youth transitions in contemporary urban Scotland.

Previous interns

Chris Devany (2019-20)

Chris Devany completed an Oak internship with I-SPHERE between April and October 2019.  His research explored the trends and connectivity in the use of psychoactive drugs and homelessness in Sheffield and Edinburgh. See a summary of findings and the full report here

Chris is now lecturing in Sociology at Sheffield Hallam University where he teaches youth studies, drug use & qualitative methods.

Megan Park

Megan Park (2018-19)

Megan Park has a background in law and previously worked in a legal aid practice assisting clients faced with eviction, homelessness or poor-quality housing.  She completed a Masters in Social Policy at the London School of Economics, focusing on social security and inequalities, before joining I-SPHERE as our Oak intern in November 2018.  Megan’s research explored the use of Discretionary Housing Payments by Local Authorities across England.  Megan was asked to present her findings to the Department of Work and Pensions.

You can find Megan’s final report and a summary of findings DHP Final report June 2019.

Lynne McMordie

Lynne McMordie (2017-18)

Lynne McMordie is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast and worked in the homeless sector for more than 15 years,

managing a range of homelessness services, including: temporary accommodation, peripatetic care and support, floating support, crisis accommodation, drop-in centre and street outreach services.   Lynne’s internship research project captured the experiences of families and individuals with repeated experience of homelessness living in temporary accommodation and placed these experiences in the context of the homeless sector in Northern Ireland.

Lynne’s internship research was published in 2018 and is available here.  Her research has directly informed the development of a Chronic Homelessness strategy for Northern Ireland.

Lynne is now working towards a PHD at I-SPHERE.