Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Director of I-SPHERE


·         Homelessness and housing exclusion

·         Housing policy

·         Housing law

·         Housing rights

·         Social housing

·         Domestic abuse and violence

·         Begging, street drinking and other aspects of street culture

·         Social justice, social cohesion and social exclusion

·         Critical realism

Dr Toriqul Bashar, Research Associate
Dr Janice Blenkinsopp, Research Associate
  ·         Housing and Social Policy

·         Social Security

·         Welfare Reform

·         Welfare Regimes

·         Inequalities and Homelessness

Professor Glen Bramley
·         Housing needs, affordability and access

·         Housing finance and affordable housing provision

·         Household formation and migration

·         The housing market, particularly the impact of planning regulation and local/neighbourhood impacts of policy interventions

·         Planning, land supply and infrastructure, influences on urban form, and of urban form on social and other outcomes;

·         Local services distribution and finance;

·         Local government finance, grants and local taxation.

·         Poverty and local services

·         Local income and wealth distributions

Professor Sarah Johnsen, Professorial Fellow
·         Homelessness, addiction, and related forms of street culture (e.g. begging and street drinking).

·         ‘Deep’ social exclusion and welfare provision for people with complex support needs such as co-occurring substance misuse and mental health problems.

·         The role of faith communities in welfare provision

·         The practice and ethics of research involving vulnerable people.

Dr Filip Sosenko, Research Fellow
  ·         Poverty

·         Social exclusion

·         Homelessness

·         Foodbanks.

Dr Beth Watts, Senior Research Fellow
·         Homelessness and youth homelessness

·         Rough sleeping and complex needs

·         Social housing and security of tenure

·         Welfare conditionality

·         Political and moral philosophy and their application in social policy analysis

Dr Jenny Wood, Research Associate
·         Human rights- particularly children’s human rights

·         Policy analysis

·         Town Planning, particularly social dimensions and community engagement

·         Social justice

·         Spatial justice

·         Systematic reviewing and meta-analysis