Institute of Global Homelessness

I-SPHERE helped establish and shape the Institute of Global Homelessness, a Chicago-based partnership between DePaul University and DePaul International.

The Institute is a global hub furnishing practitioners, policymakers and researchers with the tools they need to end street homelessness across the world.

Dame Louise Casey, chair of the Institute of Global Homelessness: “Unabashed and unafraid to take on seemingly insolvable problems, I-SPHERE has put the science of homelessness and destitution on the map, not only in the U.K. and Europe, but also across the world. Now new work is being driven by Fitzpatrick to establish a global measurement and in-depth evaluation of ‘what works’ in driving down street homelessness for the Institute of Global Homelessness. Working initially across 12 cities located across every continent, together we will learn how we can and should tackle street homelessness with a view to its eradication in 150 cities worldwide by 2030. Without this work based on years of the highest quality research from members of this team, the global campaign would be lost.”

Learn more about the work of the Institute of Global Homelessness here