Our work and impact

Our mission is to use world-class research to drive change for people affected by extreme disadvantage.

The pages in this section of our website provide more information on some key pieces of work and the impact we have had.

In our  annual Summary of Work 2017 you can learn more about what we have been doing, our research commissions and where we have used our expertise to inform and influence policy and legislative change.



Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick acted as an invaluable advisor to the NAO’s report on homelessness. It is not at all hyperbole to state that the expertise from I-SPHERE in this particular field is the most comprehensive there is in the country – if not in Europe. Moreover, it is innovative, as has been demonstrated recently by their deconstruction of the myth around all people being at risk of homelessness. I-SPHERE’s involvement provided a crucial analytical framework to the NAO’s study on homelessness, which achieved significant press coverage and culminated in a hearing of the Committee of Public Accounts, which made recommendations that the Government has responded to. It is therefore fair to say that the assistance of I-SPHERE contributed to delivering specific public policy change in homelessness.” 

Matthew Wilkins, manager, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Value for Money team, National Audit Office (NAO)