Inaugural Lecture: After the Iron Curtain

The full film of Professor Mark Stephen’s inaugural lecture is now available. On Wednesday 30th of April 2014, Mark spoke about the complex picture of post-communist housing in a variety of former ‘Eastern Bloc’ countries.

“One of the most important events of the last 25 years has been the collapse of communism in eastern Europe. The lives of people in these countries have undergone huge changes, not least in the way housing is provided. Housing in the former ‘eastern bloc’ is popularly perceived as being like one big council estate that has since been privatised. In this lecture I shall attempt to unravel the more complex interplay between the state, market and households in the provision of housing under communism and to examine how these have since evolved.” – Mark Stephens

Mark previously wrote about his work on post-communist housing on this blog in his post: “Lifelong Learning from the East

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