IHURER seminar: Applying spatial econometrics to cross-sectional housing data

Our next IHURER seminar will take place Wednesday, 12th of June.

Dr. Sotirios Thanos will be presenting:

Applying spatial econometrics to cross-sectional housing data, is it as simple as that?

Spatial econometrics has been widely applied to disaggregate housing data in the literature to determine spatial spillover effects between house prices in close proximity. Disaggregate housing data type that does not directly fall into any of cross-sectional, time-series, and panel data categories; as this is data with observations of house sales each at a specific location and distinct moment in time, henceforth spatiotemporal data.  A common approach in the hedonic pricing (HP) literature is to treat such data type as cross-sectional, ignoring or assuming away the temporal dimension of the data. However, there is a rapidly developing literature that identifies and addresses the serious implications of disregarding the temporal dimension of spatiotemporal housing data. Given that information does not travel back in time, future house prices cannot affect past prices, as is assumed in the typical cross-sectional specification of spatial weights. The effects of this misspecification in models and results are demonstrated in this presentation, along with the results of a modelling approach that accounts for the temporal dimension of spatiotemporal housing data, and a showcase of ongoing and future research.

The details of our last seminars is also included as a reminder of what is yet to come.  Judith Montford & Colin Elliot will be rounding off the seminars in June.

Date Time Room Speaker(s) Presentation Topic
Wednesday 19th June 4.15pm WA311 Judith Montford and Colin Elliot, Heriot-Watt University. ‘Mental well being and housing layout.’ and ‘A sustainability model for real estate management’. 

Tea & edible goodies provided at each session – please come along!

Looking forward to seeing you there,


All seminars will be held at William Arrol Building, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, unless indicated otherwise. Please note that the seminar room may subject to change, and you will be notified if this is the case. If you are not a student or staff member at the School of the Built Environment, please contact one of the organisers to register attendance:

Dr Nicola Livingstone:  n.d.livingstone@hw.ac.uk

Dr Filip Sosenko:  f.sosenko@hw.ac.uk

Professor Glen Bramley:  g.bramley@hw.ac.uk

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